Why LTS?

LTS Überführungs GmbH has been on the road for its customers for about 20 years. And not just within Europe, but also in Africa, Asia, America and Australia. The fact that all our orders are carried out to our customers’ fullest satisfaction is down to the LTS corporate philosophy.

We’re a global player. We’ve been ensuring smooth procedures, punctuality and process security worldwide for more than two decades. Our corporate philosophy is: People make the difference with us. Expertise and passion go hand in hand. This is the only way we can meet our own demands and those of our customers. Continuous further development and raising our service quality are important to us. Sustainability and efficiency play an important role here. We now offer a wide range of special logistics functions and are thus able to offer expert service from one source.

We are particularly proud that we have been certified according to ISO 9001 for some time. This standard is the most widespread nationally and internationally. It stipulates and makes recognisable at a glance which requirements the management and operations of a company have to meet in order to comply with and guarantee certain standards when implementing quality management. Or in our case – to live these. Certification according to ISO 9001 shows the high standard we set ourselves.

Extract from the Quality Management- Manual (1.1)

Regardless of which services our customers request, we find the perfect solution, tailored to our customers’ needs, so that their vehicles come safely and quickly to their destination. Cost efficiency, transparency, reliability, sophisticated time management and sustainability are the foundations of our corporate philosophy. The fact that we can offer all services from one source requires fewer journeys, thus relieving customers and the environment. Our transparent price policy makes planning easier for our customers and guarantees that no hidden costs are incurred. We take our customers’ logistics into our hands with responsibility and without complications so they can concentrate exclusively on their core processes.

We consistently count on flawless quality. We continuously secure and improve this by offering our employees continuous training and further education so they can leave behind an expert and polite end customer contact in our clients’ interests. The quality of our services and procedures is regularly reviewed and certified both internally and externally. In this connection, quality means consistently implementing all the requirements we set ourselves; objectively assessed through measurable quality targets.

Carefully selected partners, whom we set the same high quality standards we set ourselves, ensure orders are carried out without damage and on time. The name LTS also stands for sustainable environmental management through systematic logistics here. By using state-of-the-art environmentally-friendly vehicles we reduce CO2 emissions, the time required and the costs.

The Management of LTS Überführungs GmbH



LTS Überführungs GmbH’s greatest asset is its employees. It’s not machines but people that make the difference and whose welfare is right at the forefront. Which is why we invest sensibly and responsibly in the safety and comfort of our fleet and in the workplaces in the office.



We invest our heart and soul in the long-term healthy de-velopment of the company. So as to continue to be the first choice service provider for our customers, we continuously de-velop the LTS portfolio further. Our
approach is permanently raising service quality.



Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Which is why we also offer a series of special logistics functions. Punctuality, reli-ability, process stability and also sustainability are in first place for us. Forward-looking working methods that anticipate devel-opments, which are highly cost effective and environmentally friendly are a matter of course for us.

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That’s why it’s LTS!

What our customers say

“LTS Überführungs GMBH transports our enliner hire tanks reli-ably and flexibly within Germany and Europe for our customers from trades and industry. State-of-the-art transport and logistics systems, the use of state-of-the-art communications and consci-entiously carrying out maintenance and warehousing services make LTS Überführungs GmbH stand out as a strong and im-portant partner.”

enlogis GmbH

“LTS is a reliable, expert and flexible partner where time-critical deliveries of our regeneration plants for reputable industrial companies is concerned. Their planners also have a solution to everything.”

Starke & Sohn Mineralölwerk GmbH

“LTS Überführungs GMBH stands out with outstanding expertise in speed, flexibility and punctuality. The friendliness and spe-cialist knowledge of their planners should also be highlighted. We are more than happy with our partnership with LTS.”

Ackermann Fahrzeugbau GmbH

“LTS Überführungs GmbH stands out with its reliability, punctu-ality and well-trained drivers. The fleet is also technically inno-vative and very well-cared for.”

Feldbinder Spezialfahrzeugwerke GmbH

“Always an expert partner for transports with flexible solutions for every task.”

Fahrzeugwerk Bernard Krone GmbH

“Having the certainty that our high quality vehicles arrive at the customer in the same condition they left our production is very important to us. Which is why LTS has been our partner for years, including for demanding vehicle transports.”

Müller Mitteltal GmbH

“Today’s hire market is very fast-moving and we often have to react in short time-windows and find targeted solutions. In LTS we have a partner that is highly proactive and reliable and makes a contribution to ensuring our customers are satisfied.”

TIP Trailer Service Germany GmbH

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